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World Wide Waves

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world wide waves.: Projects

Alecbe// - And Then, Silence...

“And Then, Silence…” is a conscious exhibition of unadulterated artistry.

Amber Mark - Worth It (Jarreau Vandal Remix)

“Worth It” undermines the ego-driven stories of self-deprecation that we often face, reshaping our “I don’t deserve it” statements into the affirming declaration, “I am worth it”.

Amber-Mark-Jarreau Vandal-Worth-It-World
BS-Cover Asset.jpg

Black Spectrum Exhibition [EVENT]

The April 7th - April 28th Black Spectrum exhibition at Aziz Gallerie is a contemporary showcase of adroit Black artists who flourish and thrive independent of the mainstream art world.

The Black Spectrum Exhibit at the Aziz Gallerie [ON SITE + INTERVIEW]

The Black Spectrum Exhibit at the Aziz Gallery is a purposeful illumination of self-effacing Black artists in a space that tacitly flaunts a sanctity for Black arts and culture in and of itself.


Christian Blue - Leave it Unlocked

Whether old school or new blood, the Bay area continues to give rise to a community of inventive creatives in all walks of life, and Christian Blue is certainly no exception.

D Smoke & SiR - Let Go

The voluminous track serves as a testament to not only their existences as black men but the existence of all black individuals in America.


Feng Suave - Half-Moon Bag

Whether you'd like to escape to Hawaii or to kick back on a beach in Vienna, the dreamy psychedelic-pop collective has quite the discography for you.

Fousheé - single af

Fousheé delivers blissfully tuneful vocals atop dreamy alternative R&B hues, immersing listeners into her infectious confidence and leaving us just as eager to embark on our own journeys of healing.



Listen to the French-Colombian artist, Gabriel Garzón-Montano on his record “Junga”, an amalgamation of samples between Drake's "Jungle" and the original song by Montano “6 8”

HAWA - The One EP

Meet HAWA: the next genre-fusing artistic muse.


Hook - NVR

HOOK is remastering the new-age rap game one track at a time.

Jackii Kennedy - Fiona

“Fiona” is a wondrous symphony of lucid vocals and enlivening lyrics that send listeners down a peaceful ride through the wide-eyed beginnings of a relationship in bloom.


The Jai Emm Interview

Wielding her sublime vocal power, indubitably creative nature, and years worth of experiences, Jai Emm is an artist who is undoubtedly carving her name into the stars.

Jelani Aryeh - Angels (Cover)

Invoking that bittersweet nostalgia of 2012, the leading edge alternative R&B artist Jelani Aryeh gifts unto the world his uptempo cover of the xx’s “Angels”.


The JORDAN Interview

Get to know the newly formed R&B/Soul duo out of Los Angeles that is JORDAN.


Kiiingsley: the creative that keeps on giving.


Lala &ce - Parapluie x COLORS SHOW

Sporting an all-white fit and a magnetic sense of casual confidence, the 26-year-old artist utilizes her distinct dialect and bob-and-weave like flow to show the world just what sets her apart from your every-day rapper.

The Moon - We Gon' Be Okay

The Moon’s ethereal ability to captivate and heal are showcased in her most recent release, “We Gon’ Be Okay”, a song the young LA native wrote as a response to the hurt that Black communities are forced to relive again and again when one of our own is robbed of their future by a police officer.


Olivia Dean - The Hardest Part

“The Hardest Part” explores her own emotions with releasing a connection who is no longer able to keep up with her growth, making it very clear that even if she could, she wouldn’t go back to how things used to be.

PineappleCITI - Believe

"Believe" is just as uplifting as it is energizing, telling her story and propelling her sound forward all in a matter of 2 and a half minutes.


Pre Kai Ro - Glo Up

Pre Kai Ro is taking the 2020 movement of "flexin' on our exes" that Jhené Aiko incited on her latest album release to a much more introspective level by asking: if you had still loved me, would I have even been able to get to where I'm at now?

Ralph Castelli - Mystery

“Mystery” is a sonic one-sided love-story that sees our protagonist Castelli getting a lot more than he bargained for at his local thrift store.


Rex Mckinnis - Buck Buck

"Buck Buck” is a wonderful display of unfiltered creativity that derives from unfaltering passion and dedication.

Shy Lennox - Friends

"Friends" is the alternative R&B artist's welcome track into the year, saying hello to 2020 and goodbye to the 'wb' in 'fwb'.


Siaira Shawn ft Phabo - Good Luck

““Good Luck” is about loving someone, but knowing they are not ready or equipped to be in a relationship, so you have to let them go. However, the door is still open to trying again if they can get it together. It’s not just “if you love something, let it go” etc. It’s if it’s not right for me, it can’t come back no matter what; With love.”

Temme Scott - Understudy

Take a listen to Los Angeles based musician Temme Scott on her new release “Understudy”


Toosii - Thank You for Believing

The album is cloaked in maturation without sacrificing its freshness and is overall a highlight project for the year thus far.

VanJess - Come Over

Cascading a funky shade of R&B elegance, smooth and sultry vocals, and all the glitz and glam of the 70’s, “Come Over” is easily the beginning of the VanJess takeover; we’re just happy to be a part of it!


Worry Club - Money

This charmingly minimalist track employs graceful guitar tunes to create a chromatic sound palette soothing for the senses.

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