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The Wild Honey Pie

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the wild honey pie.: Projects

cehryl - superbloom

The lo-fi bedroom pop track is minimal in nature yet speaks volumes of its own in such a short amount of time.


Christian Kuria - Enemy

“Enemy” is a harmonious sensory experience of its own, carrying colorful guitar riffs, a dreamy soundscape and a celestial vocal palette that will uplift listeners into the clouds.


Jelani Aryeh - From These Great Heights

For the moments when the sky feels like it's falling and you need someplace to plant your feet, the San Diego-raised artist Jelani Aryeh offers his latest drop, “From These Heights."


Jovan Perez - feel again

 With every sorrow-driven piano key and powerfully executed vibrato, Jovan Perez explores the boundless aches of lamentation in his latest release “feel again.”


Kyle Lux - 222

“222” is a refreshingly new sound for the young genre-blending artist, taking his usual R&B ballads and trading them for a quick-witted hip-hop flow that you can’t help bobbing your head to.


Morly - Up Above

The emotionally grappling track plays as a siren song, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the beautifully encrypted memories Morly paints behind every verse.

Up Above-Morly.jpg

Puma Blue - Opiate

The track is a sonic embodiment of one’s past coming back to haunt them, even after they were sure they had moved on.


Richie Quake - Never See You

Occasionally, farewells can be some of the most difficult bridges to cross. Other times, well, it seems those bridges just couldn’t burn any quicker. Indie-pop gem Richie Quake tells the tale of the latter in his latest drop “Never See You." 


serpentwithfeet - Same Size Shoe

Bearing the signature celestial vocals and distinctive serpentwithfeet style, the enlivening track is a personal attestation to being in love with someone who has undergone similar walks of life. 


Worry Club - Bleach

The track attests to growing pains, bringing to life those overwhelming urges to transform one's identity in the midst of undergoing a whirlwind of issues.


Xavier Omär - Like I Feel (Feat. Mereba)

Dazzling the world with both top-notch production and sublime artistry, Xavier Omär and Mereba give music fanatics the perfect middle ground in their latest collaboration, “Like I Feel.” 

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