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6LACK Hops on Snoh Aalegra’s “I Want You Around” for a Timeless Work of Art

The much-anticipated remix of “I Want You Around” featuring the ever-luminous singer, songwriter, and rapper 6LACK has finally entered the scene and is sending fans down a perpetual spiral of romance.

Ambar Lucid’s “Questioning My Mind” Is a Trip We Don’t Want to Escape From

The young artist has shown the world time and time again that as far as beautiful and unique new music is concerned, she is sure to deliver.


Ambré Stands at a Crossroads of Past, Present, and Future R&B in ‘Pulp

Pulp has the makings of a project capable of establishing itself at the root of modern R&B and blooming into a refreshing fusion of past, present, and future.

Amindi and Kari Faux’s “Love Em Leave Em” Is the Decade’s First Anthem for the Ladies

Heed the advice of Amindi and Kari Faux: Chase a bag, not a man.

love em leave em.jpg
anna sofia.jpg

Anna Sofia Gets Roped Into Socializing in "No Fun" Video

Christened with bright colors, bedazzled gems, and a group of well-meaning extroverted friends, "No Fun” explores Sofia’s lone-wolf disposition as the friend who would rather spend the night in.

Arlo Parks Explores the Human Condition in ‘Sophie

'Sophie' bears a unique feeling akin to standing atop the tallest building in New York on a rainy day: a limitless being tempted with a sense of flightlessness, a grainy visual somehow bestowing an immaculate sense of clarity.


Austin Millz and Remi Wolf Have Us on Our Best “Bad Behavior”

Remi Wolf describes her music as “magical surrealism,” and with the help of Austin Millz, “Bad Behavior” arrives the perfect representation of her mystic creativity and unadulterated talent.

Ava Max Is Feeling the Halloween Spirit in “Freaking Me Out” Video

Halloween is now in full effect and the world was visited by the spirit of Ava Max in the form of a new video for her single “Freaking Me Out.”

ava max.jpg
baby rose.jpg

Baby Rose Delivers ‘To: You’ for All Your Holiday Feels

This holiday bundle is enamored with Baby Rose’s captivating vocals and adlibs, luscious instrumentations, and wintertime emotions that compose a truly poetic piece.

Cailin Russo Is Letting a Toxic Relationship “Fade” Away

The alternative indie queen has returned clutching a box of matches in one hand and an emotionally validating new single and music video in the other.


Charlotte Lawrence Offers a Striking Critique of Society in “God Must Be Doing Cocaine”

“God Must be Doing Cocaine” is a striking and thought-provoking dissection on life as we know it

Chelsea Cutler’s “I Was In Heaven” Is a Remedy for Heartbreak

Cutler’s voice animates the despair behind each of her lyrics, silently beckoning for her love to come back to where it belongs, back home.


Chiiild’s “Darling” Is a Hallucinogenic Heirloom of Love

If life were a movie, then Montreal-hailing band Chiiild would be the leather jacket wearing, motorcycle driving, nonconforming protagonist that we cannot help but swoon over.

Christian Kuria’s “Losing You” Has Even Those of Us Without Synesthesia Seeing Colors

Wielding his brisk guitar skills and dynamic vocal prowess, Kuria has reemerged with a velvety, jazz-like single characterized with a remarkably soulful spirit.


Collard Enlists Bakar for the Effortlessly Smooth “Stone”

The well-versed musician is equipped with the vocal dynamism of James Brown, the salacious, innovative allure of Prince, and the unique musical dexterity to be this generation’s next Steve Lacy. Don’t believe us? Just take a listen.

Conan Gray’s “Maniac” Proves That the Scariest Thing This Halloween Is Your Ex

The world belongs to Conan Gray.


Delaney Jane - “Red” [Live + Interview] | Northside Sessions

 Feel the wrath of Delaney Jane!

DJ ST THOMAS Takes Us Through His Wonder Years with “PAUL JOSHUA PFEIFFER”

Ten seconds. That’s all it takes for DJ ST THOMAS to reel you into a groovy vortex of electric guitar.


Easy Life’s “Nice Guys” Is a Chaotic Masterpiece

Here’s a riddle for you:
What do chastity, a nude Trump cameo, and a handful of squealing fangirls all have in common? A new Easy Life single!

Elohim Blows Us Away With ‘Reimagined: Live at Hollywood Forever

Whoever said that true beauty cannot be captured has obviously never listened to Elohim’s Reimagined: Live at Hollywood Forever album.


From Linkin Park to ‘the beautiful struggle,’ Welcome to the Life of Naaz [Interview]

Pairing enlightening songs with mind-bending visuals, the Netherlands-based singer burst onto the pop scene with an unmatched zesty ardor that is inspiring listeners and her fans alike in more ways than one.

From YouTube Covers to Covering the Globe: Daniela Andrade Releases "Ayayai"

Honduran-Canadian artist Daniela Andrade has illuminated her path to stardom with her delicate, mesmerizing voice and unbelievable creativity.


Garçons Shares 5 Funkadelic Influences That Inspired ‘Be Human’

Their funky synths and groovy guitar riffs are soaked in a charisma that will have listeners aching to jump out of their seats and dance to the beat.

Genre-Bending Duo Brevin Kim Is Sending Your Playlists Into Retirement

The brothers offer grainy guitar-riffs, grime-adjacent production styles, and contemporary pop undertones as just a few of the many sounds listeners can look forward to stimulating their senses with.


Hardcastle Shares “Mundane” and an Honest Look at Life on the Road

If there’s one thing we can learn from the Nashville-based band Hardcastle, it’s that when we stay true to ourselves, we shall surely prosper.

Kiana Valenciano and Billy Davis Heat Up the Dancefloor With “No Rush”

Manila-hailing artist Kiana Valenciano has joined forces with Filipino-Australian artist and producer Billy Davis to create the electropop, R&B-adjacent bop “No Rush.”


Kyle Dion Puts a Relationship to Rest in “DEAD”

As opposed to welcoming the rise of the undead, the melodious misfit’s message about this dead relationship is clear: "let’s leave it resting in peace.”

Kyle Lux’s ‘No Roof Access’ Is His Subconscious Personified

Lux delivers a lachrymose project offering insight into an internalized emotional battlefield raging within him.

kyle lux.jpg

Meet Jelani Aryeh, the Alternative R&B Artist Destined for Greatness

Jelani’s music grazes a daunting limbo between R&B, hip-hop, and an alternative experimental sound that is so uniquely its own.

Miki Ratsula Delivers a Heartfelt Holiday Ode in “Love in the Winter”

The Finnish-American artist perfectly executed that cinematic, Hallmark-holiday-movie-special feeling, incorporating a cheerful acoustic guitar, a tasteful amount of holiday bells, and mellow vocals that will have you feeling nice and cozy.


MorMor Shares an Eye-Opening Perspective on Love in “Won’t Let You”

This falsetto-driven track whisks listeners down a melancholic tunnel of love, highlighting the risk of raising your love of someone else onto a platform.

ODIE Rediscovers Himself in “Slowly”

“Slowly” serves as a gentle reminder both to ODIE and listeners alike that losing yourself is only a part of the process of creation.


phem’s “Sorry Mama” Will Have You Confessing Your Sins

You know that thing you did that you will take with you to the grave before ever telling your parents about it? Los Angeles-based artist phem has a few of those things, but she’s letting the secrets rise to the surface in her latest single “Sorry Mama.”

Plested’s “The Least That I Could Do” Video Will Have You Calling Home

The sentimental music video portraying a struggling mother and son most certainly illustrates the 24-year-old’s deeply-rooted gratitude and love for his mother.


Pop Star Carly Rose Is Making a Break for the Industry with Her “getaway car”

All good things must come to an end…or at least they used to.
Carly Rose is back and changing the game with another charming single.

Ralph Shares 5 Powerful Female Artists Who Inspired ‘Flashbacks & Fantasies’

 Music is an act of storytelling, and the Toronto-born-and-raised pop artist RALPH has her fair share of stories to tell.

drivers era.png

The Driver Era’s “A Kiss” Video Is the Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Creativity

Listening to "A Kiss” elicits the same feeling of pulling into the parking lot of a local arcade to play some retro video games during the late ‘90s.

Troi Irons Is Spearheading a Musical Revolution

The Los Angeles–native is revitalizing everything we know about music with her robust vocal power, unrestrained lyrical prowess, and intricately unique production style.

x lovers.png

X Lovers’ ‘virgin’ Is an Avalanche of Emotional Depth

The eight-track EP is one monumental ball of sentimentality.

Yes Please Is Your Latest Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B Obsession

Hearing Brooklyn-based duo Yes Please for the first time was like waking up to something new in the mail, an unexpected but beautiful surprise.

yes please.jpg

Yes, That Is the Tony Hawk in Deaton Chris Anthony’s “Tony Hawk”

Blow the dust off that old skateboard that’s tucked away in the garage and pay your respects to Tony Hawk and Deaton Chris Anthony.

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