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August 2020 - Present

The Wild Honey Pie
Music Writer

This position allows me to utilize my pre-established profession of creating engaging and relevant articles that cater to driving public engagement in order to maximize artist exposure. Focus on Indie artists.

April 2020 - Present

World Wide Waves
Music Writer

With this position, upcoming hip-hop and R&B artists from niche corners around the globe are my cynosures. My intention is to make sure all creatives in the hip-hop and R&B sector are given the ability to showcase themselves so that they may connect with people and soon-to-be fans who look just like them.

April 2020 - Present

Freelance Music Writer

Music writer for FRONTRUNNER magazine specializing in interviews, culture, and everything music-related.

March 2020 - May 2020

Lyrical Lemonade
Editorial Writer Intern

Served as one of Lyrical Lemonade's first-ever womxn writers. I produced engaging and relevant articles on a daily basis showcasing the hottest new songs and artists for both social media and website distribution. My end goal with this position was to influence the LL music scene and culture by placing the most talented and culturally engaged upcoming artists onto a pedestal.

September 2019 - March 2020

Live Nation Entertainment Editorial Writer [Ones to Watch]

Create engaging & thought-provoking articles on artists, albums, festivals, & events for online publication. Spearhead the coordination of artist interviews, live-coverage of shows, & album/song premieres, in addition to creating editorial articles on these events. My focus with this position is providing a platform for underrepresented (and ridiculously talented) artists of color.

May 2019 - September 2019

Beat House LA
Hip-Hop A&R + Music Publishing Intern

Heavily searched & scouted this generation's next top Hip-Hop artist. In addition to running the company's social media pages, creating content, & working with established artists on their music, I was able to allow top creators & influencers to leverage their platforms to advance social justice causes. Specifically worked with Alliance for Safety and Justice, the largest criminal justice reform organization in the country.

December 2016 - June 2019

Cultural Affairs Commission at UCLA
Executive Director & Host

Over the years with this position, I have curated well-over 100 events regarding the education of communities, cultures, & social issues through the means of music & poetry. I designed weekly entertainment plans & activities for these events, as well as showcased my outgoing personality as the weekly host of the events. I oversaw a team to produce events, as well as crafted realistic budgets to meet the demands of the event. Administered interpersonal skills to correspond & maintain relationships with corporations, talent agencies, and public figures.

October 2018 - February 2019

Groundwurk Studios
Copywriter & Content Intern

Developed creative & engaging content for a social-justice based news outlet, including but not limited to: scriptwriting, presentations, music video treatments, episodic content, etc. Consistently reviewed & edited final copies of works for accuracy & oversaw all phases of production. Exercised creative planning skills in review sessions to elevate the quality of content & designs for all forms of marketing distribution.

December 2016 - June 2019

UCLA Radio

Music Coordinator

In this position, I managed music submissions and artists to promote on my own radio show + others. I facilitated collaborations as a talent liaison with both on & off-campus organizations, talent agencies, & musical artists, in addition to creating both written & marketing content on a weekly basis. Gained knowledge on the process of obtaining the rights to legally use & circulate copyrighted music.

May 2017 - September 2017

Concert Series Staff at UCLA

Campus Events Commission

Coordinated concerts both on & behind the scenes, as well as engaged in music scouting in order to secure talent to book live performances. I cultivated relationships & connections for the commission with talent agents, artists, organizations, & companies as well as kept a solidified record of contacts. Drove communication between directors, producers, talent agents & musicians to maintain efficient booking practices & execution.

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