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A Conversation with Colombiano Artist ¿Téo?

Mateo Arias is the Colombiano actor first recognized as "Jerry" from the popular 2011 Disney XD series, Kickin' It.
¿Téo? on the other hand, is the bilingual artist that is single-handedly changing the direction of the music industry.


the JORDAN interview

JORDAN is single-handedly transforming the direction of secular music.


the Jai Emm Interview

Powerful, unapologetic, unafraid, go-getter. Those are just a few of the many words to describe the multi-faceted artist and lyricist Jai Emm.


From Linkin Park to ‘the beautiful struggle,’ Welcome to the Life of Naaz

Hello world, meet Naaz.


OTW X The Noise: The Lynn Gunn Interview

Use Me is so much more than an album, it is an unapologetic reclamation of power.
The Noise full article.


Michael Seyer Is Creating Timeless ‘Nostalgia’

Nostalgia guides us through sights and sounds of the past to create an emotional and timeless masterpiece, belonging wholly to the present.

michael seyer.jpg

No Joy Is Going Through Their Radiohead ‘Kid A’ Phase

No Joy is the Canadian dream machine that has people stepping outside of themselves and straight into their music.

no joy.jpg

A One-on-One with Dizzy, the Band

FRONTRUNNER meets the Juno Award-winning pop group Dizzy, featuring lead singer Kate Munshaw and trio Alex, Mackenzie and Charlie Spencer.


R.LUM.R on Vulnerability, ‘The Last of Us 2,’ and His Debut Album ‘Surfacing’

'Surfacing' is an empowering palette of emotions, exploring themes of vulnerability, self-awareness, and mental health, all having to do with a personal voyage of his renewal of self. 


Transition and Connections: Meet Spencer.

New York virtuoso Spencer. is living, breathing, beat-making proof that achieving your dreams starts with the ability and willingness to take risks.


Vancouver Sleep Clinic‘s ‘Onwards to Zion’ Is a Sonic Coming-of-Age Story

Onwards to Zion contains a collective of refreshing guitar melodies, frosty synths, and angelic vocals that have a way of gliding into the spirit of a listener and settling into the crevices of their bones.


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